Top 10 US and UK Salon Review Sites – Get Listed Now!

The internet has made salon owners in the U.S. and U.K. capable of managing their salon businesses more efficiently than ever before. On the other hand, it gives clients the chance to review your business on more platforms than ever before too.

And yes, the reviews they leave behind might not always be positive. A client might review your salon negatively for something as simple as a chilly reception, disregarding how great your services are.

The point is you can’t stop people from speaking their minds.  After they use your services, they might use the internet to share their experiences. And what they have to say might make or break your salon . Raving reviews might entice other people to try their services for themselves. Negative reviews, on the other hand, can make people think twice about them. A local consumer survey also says that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

You can only perfect your salon with a salon management tool. But it won’t help in reviews. So, where can you encourage people to write positive reviews and manage negative ones?

• Introducing Salon Review Sites

Salon review websites are the best way to meet reviewers in their own territories and use their content to improve your services. A business that is registered on these websites can be rated and reviewed by clients who have tried its services.

Websites like these can benefit your salon in two ways –

  1. They give clients a platform to review your salon.
  2. They allow people who are new to your city or state to find your salon.

But which websites will give you the best value and get your salon the reviews it needs? We have made the prospect easy for you. Here are ten popular websites that can prove beneficial for your salon.

• Salon Review Sites In The US

Reviews can let people know how your salon is doing whether it is located in Philadelphia, Washington or New York City. This is especially true if it is listed on these websites –

1. Angie’s List “@AngiesList

Part of the reason why a salon fails to cash clients is that its services fail to make clients loyal to its brand. And people don’t have to visit your salon to know that. If your website is registered on Angie’s List, they can review your business on it.

Angie's List

How can this bode well for you?  You can use the testimonials to understand what customers expect of your business and why they do.

The price for a membership at Angie’s List is pretty reasonable too. You can start with the cheapest plan, which starts at $3.24 dollars a month for one list with a $5 startup fee. If you’d rather choose a yearly plan that wavers the fee, more power to you.

2. Yelp “@Yelp

If your salon is listed on Yelp, you can bet that people are talking about it on the website. And what they have to say has a lot of influence on your future business. Whether their reviews are positive or negative depends on the experience they had with your salon.


Providing a factual and professional rebuttal to clients who have an axe to grind on Yelp might be viewed favorably by other people who read it.  For example, if a former client posts a bad review, the site will let you know of it as it happens and you can proceed with damage control.

Yelp allows salon businesses to register for free. You can add your salon to its listings by filling out a form. Also make sure that you add relevant categories. This makes it easier for people to find your salon and review it when they need to.

3. SpaFinder Wellness “@Spafinder

SpaFinder Wellness works a lot like Yelp. The main difference is that it caters to salon or spa owners and people who might be looking for these businesses. The website allows people to search for salons according to state and postal code. The search results reveal businesses in the chosen state and area along with how people have reviewed and rated them on the website.

SpaFinder Wellness

SpaFinder is a great tool for salon owners since people will already be using it to specifically find salon services. If your salon is listed on it, anyone who visited it can give it a great rating and leave reviews. Any type of reviews the website can work in your favor provided that you acknowledge them properly and promptly.

Your business will need to have its own account on the website before people can find it. Fortunately the registration is free on the website. Create an account through this Signup page.

4. “@YP

Remember when we used the Yellow Pages to look for contact info for salons? is the online, MUCH BETTER version. If yoursalon is listed on the website, former clients can use it to review and rate your business.

How can this work in your favor? When users who are new to your area search for the services that you offer, your business’s profile and rating will pop up in the search results.  The pages on YP receive a lot of traffic, so you can bet that your website will be noticed.

You can either choose a paid or free listing. Both are kind of hard to find on the site. However, if you opt for the latter, sign your business up here.   

5. Manta @Manta

Over 20 million customers find businesses on Manta every month. Any salon that is listed on Manta can receive stats revealing the traffic on their profiles. And one of those salons can be yours.


Once your business is registered on the website, it will appear in the website’s “Beauty Salons” category. If you visit the link, you can see that the website also gives every  salon  its own landing page.

Why is that a good thing? First of all, a professional landing page gives customers a better impression of your business. Secondly, it spares you from spending money on a separate website for your business.

If you want to list your salon on the website, go to the “Add Business” page. The registration process is free, which is another perk.

• Salon Review Sites In The UK

If you want clients to find and review your UK based salon, it must be registered on listing sites that are based in the country as well. Here are some websites that are trusted by salon owners and clients –

6. “@SalonSpy

No business is perfect, not even your salon. A client who isn’t happy with the services she received might post a bad review about them online. And if your business is registered on SalonSpy, that is where her review might end up.

But chances are that a client who is happy with your services might also use the website to leave a glowing review. How can this bode well for you? Reviews that are unbiased balance your salon’s image and make people believe that the good ones are genuine too.

You need to be registered as a professional on the website before people can review your business. The registration process itself is free. All you need to do is fill in your business’s details on a form and add it to the SalonSpy website.

7. FreeIndex “@FreeIndex

FreeIndex is another website that allows consumers to review the salons that are registered on it no matter where they are located in the UK. Registered consumers can use the website to look for registered salons that provide the quotes they are looking for. If your salon is registered on the website and your price quotes match their preferences it will show up, along with reviews that are left behind by former clients.


You need to register your business in the website’s registry before your clients can rate it. Fortunately, it’s free. 

8. TripAdvisor UK “@TripAdvisorUK

People who might be looking for the services you offer appreciate reviews that give them an idea of what these services are like. That’s why websites like TripAdvisor UK have so much traffic. Any salon that is registered on the website can be reviewed by clients who have tried its services.


First, check if someone has already listed your salon on the website. If they have, click on “Claim your Business” to confirm that you are affiliated with the property. This way, you won’t need to register it yourself

If no one has mentioned it on the website, you can list your business via the Get Listed page. Choose any of the four categories to list your salon and provide details. Once your details are verified, your business will appear in the listings.

9. Treatwell @Treatwelluk

TreatWell is another listing website that allows people to review and search for salons like your own. Once you register your business, it will be made searchable according to your location and services.


The website’s online review system helps your clients spread the word about your business, thereby channeling more customers your way.

The platform charges a fee every time clients use it to book your services. However, the registration process itself is free.

10. My Local Salon @MyLocalSalonUK

My Local Salon is also an online directory website in which businesses like salons can register themselves according to factors like services, prices of those services, and location.

Like Salon Spy, My Local Salon also caters to salon owners and people who look for these businesses specifically. So, rest assured that your profile will receive a lot of traffic from users looking for salon services in your area.


There are two options for adding your listing on the website. You can either add your salon on it for free or you can request getting it featured. 

Whether your salon is located in USA or the UK, and If you want your salon to be found on the web and reviewed, it needs to have an online presence. Getting yourself registered on these salon review websites is the best way to go about it. Not only can they serve as platforms where you can preview what clients are saying about your business, they can also help you deal with them promptly.