Perfecting Your Salon With A Salon Management Tool

Marketing a salon is easy once you have the right tools for it. Managing it on the other hand, is a whole other ball game. The right online resources might help you market your salon online. But you can’t use the same resources to, say, reschedule an appointment on the go or manage your inventory of hair products at 2am.

Don’t fret.  If you want to run your business well, just focus on three factors –

  1. Your employees
  2. Appointments
  3. Inventory

If you have problems managing any of these, it might be time to give your management skills an upgrade. Don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in management to make this happen.

All You Need Is A Management Tool Like Salon Genie

How can this software management tool help you run your salon better? Gone are the days when all it took to manage a salon was an appointment book inventory ledger. For modern businesses, Salon Genie promise convenience, added productivity and time savings. The software is cloud based, so you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection.

Without further ado, let’s see how the salon management tool can help you run your business like a pro.

Manage Employees Efficiently

If your stylist wanted to work in a rigid environment, she would have pursued a career in medicine. Remember, some people are drawn to salons because the industry offers a calm and creative environment for them to grow. Enforcing a strict scheduling or reporting requirements won’t sit well with the creative sort.

But you can’t always predict if an errand prevents your stylist from coming in on time for an appointment. You can, however manage her absenteeism by doing some rescheduling in the meanwhile. Salon Genie has features that allow you to set each employee’s schedule on a calendar. You can easily use the tool to tweak an employee’s schedule when you need to.  

You can see how the tool allows you to set an employee’s working hours.

Manage Employees Efficiently

Attendance Management Done Right

Each if your employees has a task to do and each of these tasks must be carried out in a timely manner. Your salon’s success depends on it. But this can’t happen if some of your staff doesn’t come in for work regularly.

How do you keep track of these employees efficiently? Salon Genie’s calendar feature can help you here too.

Attendance Management Done Right

The service and quality you offer eventually depends on the productivity of your workforce. This salon management tool can help you prevent anything that hampers that productivity by –

  • • Helping you make required adjustments in scheduling to keep workflow consistent
  • • Spotting regular absentees before they impact your business
  • • Keeping your attendance records error free
  • • Knowing which employees are punctual and which aren’t

Keep Your Clients Happy

For a salon owner, there is nothing more important than keeping clients loyal. Setting a standard of sharing clients amongst your employees is an effective way to do it. Why? Schedules are tight in an age where both parents have to work to make a living. So, if a working Mom of two expects her regular facialist to be present on a particular day, and the facialist is a no-show, you risk losing the client to another salon.

Salon Genie can help you manage this better. For example, it can remind you which employees share particular clients at a glance. If one of the two employees is a no show, you can have the available party fulfill the appointment. If both of them don’t show up, they can use the software to notify you of their unavailability. After this, it is just a matter of calling their clients and rescheduling their appointments.

In this way, you spare yourself the panic, keep your clients happy and retain their trust. You also ensure that –

  • • Clients receive services quickly
  • • They receive services from their service professional of choice
  • • They are kept updated in case of last minute cancellations

Inventory Management Becomes A Breeze

Managing inventory is crucial for a salon regardless of its size or the number of services on offer. The more products or equipment you have on the shelves, the more money you have spent on it. Keeping tabs on your inventory spares you from spending more than you have to.

You can do that easily with Salon Genie. The software management tool has features that allow you to automate inventory management according to brand, industry, price, quantity and other requirements.

Features like an automated cataloguing system make it easy for users to search for products on the system when they need to. You can see how users can input products below –

Inventory Management Becomes A Breeze

In addition, it also gives you the following benefits –

  • • Spare yourself from relying on outdated spreadsheets
  • • Identify inventory patterns and restock accordingly
  • • Identify items that might be making you lose money

An efficient salon is a successful salon. The features offered by Salon Genie allow you to achieve this efficiency. By using the tool, it becomes a little easier for you to monitor and hence streamline your appointments, staff and the items on your shelves.

With so many benefits offered by Salon Genie, why are you still relying on manual resources? Make the transition to the 21st century. Use the salon management tool before your competitors catch up!