Glittery Winged Eye Makeup

All that glitters is fabulous! And so is this mean winged eye makeup. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself by following this makeup tutorial.

This eye how-to is great idea if you want to bring some oomph to your eye game. Everyone will see a flash of silver as you blink. In fact, they will love it so much that they will keep their eyes on you until you blink again.

Your eyeliner application has to be on point for this technique. Here is what you do –

  1. Start with your brows first
  2. Use a neutral eye shadow or eye primer as your base
  3. Make sure that it is even
  4. Cover it with a brown or bronze eye shadow
  5. Run a single strip of silver liner on your upper eyelid
  6. Give your eyes some wings with a winged eyeliner

For the under-lids, make sure that you pick an eye shade that complements them. And remember, that silver eyeliner is the star of your look.