One Sided Braid Tutorial

Lengthy locks do look good undone but if you want your tresses to stand out, it pays to add a personal touch to it. Fortunately for you, there is a solution. This quick side braid is easy to create once you know what to do.

What’s so great about this hairdo? Not only is it a chic way to keep your hair off your face, it gives you a polished look as well. And the only difference between this braid and a side underbraid is that the former is easier to create.

Step One – Split a section of your hairline into three strands

Step Two – Start by creating a regular French braid

Step Three – A little way down, skip the French braid and start creating a regular braid

Step Four – Braid all the way to the end and tie an elastic band to keep your new hairdo in place

Your braid is done!

A braid might be beautiful to look at, but can be difficult to pull off if you are in a rush. Thankfully, hair tutorials like this side braid how-to make it look easy. Try it out for yourself!

One Sided Braid Tutorial