Festive Side Ponytail Tutorial

Easter is over. But you can still flaunt a festive hairstyle after the festivities done with. Easier said than done? That’s because it isn’t easy to pull off a festive hairdo. Hairstyles like these are very elaborate and require skill.

When it comes to elaborate hairstyles, it’s best that you start with a do that you already know and turn it into something spectacular. Go for a festive side ponytail. What is the best part about this hairdo? It starts off with a fishtail braid, which is pretty easy to create.

A fishtail braid puts some spunk in this hairstyle. Why? You can plan around with it to add some pizzazz to this side ponytail. And the result looks amazing!

Your hair is your best accessory. Flaunt it to its full potential with this festive side ponytail. Follow the steps in this hair tutorial to create this do.

Festive Side Ponytail