Extra Long Double Ponytail Tutorial

What’s better than a crisscross ponytail and just as easy? Its two ponytails in one.

The classic ponytail is the perfect hairdo for a casual night out; but making it look elegant is a challenge, especially if you don’t have the hair for it. So, how do you make a ponytail look longer and fuller when a single ponytail doesn’t suffice?

It’s easy. Just make it a double.

The double ponytail is the perfect hairdo in a pinch. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it looks great!

This hairstyle should come easy to you if you already know how to tie a near ponytail. Just follow these steps –

  • • Start with your hair blow dried and curled

  • • Make a mid-range ponytail with the lower half of your hair

  • • Side-sweep the top part into another ponytail. Backcomb to give it some volume if you have to

  • • Tie another ponytail with the upper half of your hair

And you are done! This hairdo is supposed to look like one ponytail so make sure that the lower ponytail doesn’t show. You can adjust the height to make both sections look more symmetrical.  

Long Double Ponytail Tutorial