25 Ways To Rock Short Hair Celeb Style

Let’s face it –  short haircuts don’t suit every women. But if you know how to pull off a chic, short haircut, then you wouldn’t want to return to flaunting longer hair. So, if you don’t plan to rock your curly hair in summer, you must definitely chop your tresses and think of sticking to it. Be brave enough to go for the chop as it will enhance your face features and pop up your cheek bones.

Taking a trip down memory lane, short haircuts have been proven their versatility and chic style for decades. From iconic beauties to modern celebs, here are 25 flawless women who totally rocked their short hair and are truly an inspiration for super short style.

1. Audrey Hepburn:

Needless to argue, Audrey Hepburn has the best pixie cut with bangs. We are all obsessed with her timelessly classic looks!

Audrey Hepburn
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2. Mia Farrow:

Another iconic beauty from the 60s and 70s. You have to admit that she slayed her fans back then with her pixie cut!

Mia Farrow
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3. Winona Ryder:

The hottie from the 90s look absolutely beautiful with her changing hair looks, most of which were short.

Winona Ryder
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4. Audrey Tautou:

This French beauty from ‘Amélie’ looks cute and chic with her cropped hairstyle. Tautou’s wavy pixie has the perfect vintage vibe along with a modern appeal.

Audrey Tautou
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5. Emma Watson:

Emma’s hair-related decisions are never disappointing. Being remembered for her natural curls during Harry Potter days, Emma chopped off her hair to create this cute and tousled pixie cut!

Emma Watson
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6. Anne Hathaway:

This striking look, which combines ultra-expressive face features and short hair, makes us wonder why Anne gained a lot of compliments when she had longer hair.

Anne Hathaway
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7. Carey Mulligan:

From cute bobs to edgy short hairstyles, Carey Mulligan has a distinctive style that speaks volumes about her.

Carey Mulligan
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8. Jean Seberg:

Seberg’s style testifies to her devil-may-cry attitude and elegance. Her shocking death and timeless smile and beauty can never be forgotten.

Jean Seberg
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9. Charlize Theron:

We all loved her hair in ‘Sweet November’ and then of course her fierce badass looks in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’

Charlize Theron
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10. Michelle Williams:

The short hair look has become a part of her image and, man, she knows how to pull off the pixie cut!

Michelle Williams
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11. Sharon Stone:

Stone is a rare beauty. However, her short haircut definitely added to her overall appeal and made an impression on fans and celebs alike.

Sharon Stone
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12. Evan Rachel Wood:

Embracing the retro pixie style, Evan surprises her followers with creative looks every time.

Evan Rachel Wood
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13. Rihanna:

Riri tweaks her style almost every month! But her short haircuts always make an ever-lasting impact!

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14. Halle Berry:

Short hair has become a signature style for Halle. She has surely got the best pixie cuts in the Hollywood!

Halle Berry
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15. Léa Seydoux:

The new French Bond girl is bold enough to try different haircuts. However, she nailed short haircut superbly!

Léa Seydoux
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16. Sienna Miller:

We’ve hardly seen Sienna with shorter hair. Yet this boho bob gives her a choppy, edgier look!

Sienna Miller
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17. Rose Byrne:

If you’re tempted to get short hair, opt for Rose’s angled bob. She wears her asymmetrical and sleek bob like a trendsetter!

Rose Byrne
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18. Miley Cyrus:

Short hair is absolutely her kinda thing! From punky undercut shaggy chops to a daring close-cropped asymmetric style, Miley is slaying every look with her buzz-cut-bug!

Miley Cyrus
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19. Meg Ryan:

We can never forget Meg because of her romantic movies and, of course, because of her status as a hairspiration. She’s one trend setter for different hairstyles and glam color that you may want to follow!

Meg Ryan
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20. Natalie Portman:

Portman’s bald truth in ‘V for Vendetta’ was the absolute rage and she totally nailed the strong willed character! Whether she flaunts long locks or short ones, trust her to rock that style.

Natalie Portman
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21. Shannyn Sossamon:

Shannyn Sossamon styles her mane in an edgy razor-like style. Her beautiful face balances the rock star feel of her hair. With a dramatic face like Shannyn, any hairstyle is a breeze!

Shannyn Sossamon
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22. Frankie Sandford:

If you’ve got the face for a cute pixie, just go for it like this English singer! You’ll never regret it.

Frankie Sandford
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23. Kate Mara:

A voluminous pixie cut gives Mara a refreshing look with a laid back and soft style!

Kate Mara
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24. Jennifer Hudson:

Here’s a celeb taking the term ‘short hair don’t care’ to the next level! Hudson embraces her buzz cut like a pro with a ‘who needs hair?’ attitude!

Jennifer Hudson
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25. Scarlett Johansson:

Give your hair a romantic look by adding some drama like ScarJo’s edgy and slick pixie style! And get ready for the compliments to pour in.

Scarlett Johansson
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Got the guts to chop your hair and flaunt a shorter, edgier do? Then try any of these short hairstyles and surprise yourself!