Nail Art Tutorials For Your Must Try List

Nail shades make your nails look pretty. Even black nail polish can look spectacular as a black and glossy manicure. But if really want to bring your A-game to your nail game, you need to think out of the box. And nail art is the best way to do it.

Nail art is a fun way to revitalize regular nail colors into well, art. It is also a creative way to accessorize especially if you don’t like to wear too much jewelry and would rather let your fingers show off your style.

Of course, you don’t have to go out and buy hundreds of nail colors to create stunning designs. Mix and blend the shades that you do have until you get the hue right.

If you absolutely have to buy new shades, only buy those that you need, otherwise the ones that you don’t will only collect dust. We can spare you the waste. How? This video tutorial contains several nail art designs that you can try. It can also teach you how to apply acrylic and base coats to improve your nail game. And the best part is that it will give you an idea about the type of nail shades that you will need to pull these designs off. 

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at this nail art tutorial and get inspired!